• 1/1 Atlanta Flames 1972 Durene Custom Chainstitched Hockey Jersey "404"


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    1 of 1 Atlanta Flames custom chain stitch embroidered "404" NHL Hockey Jersey.

    4-0-4 Jersey Number = ATL area code where the Flames played back in the 70's.

    This original hockey jersey was found blank and featured the same colors, stripes, style, and material (Durene) as the inaugural Flames jerseys when they debuted in Atlanta 1972. (Check out Photo #5 for comparison)

    I used a high quality off-white canvas on top of dark yellow wool to mimic the color/texture of the jersey and chainstitch embroidered the border of the numbers & logo for a finish that looks old, classic and never seen before. Purposefully rough and imperfect to fit in with the age and wear of this jersey.

    pre-owned: Shows even wear throughout. No major damage. Measures 20.5" from pit-to-pit and 31" from top-to-bottom.