• 1/1 Nike Air Jordan 2 1995 Low; Custom Sole Swapped AJ1


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    1 of a kind Customs built with a unique approach: Size Mens 12.5

    Original Air Jordan 2 retro uppers from 1995 + white/black AJ1 rubber outsoles.

    The goal here was to bring back that low profile toe box shape that the shoes originally had in '87 and was also done really well in the 1995 retro pairs. Since then, they've used thinner and thinner leathers and added more and more stiffener to accommodate which makes the toe box tall and shapeless.

    These uppers were originally a size mens 12 (worn over the years) and have been heated and stretched to a size 12.5. (If you have a wide foot, you'll love these. Broken in beautifully. They feature thick/quality leather and still has that sleek shape. The AJ1 outsole has the heel airbag molded in. The 2 different years of Jordans have different midsole cushioning setups so I used a size 13 outsole and added a rand of microfiber sueded leather to fill the gap and give the shoes a unique silhouette. The combination of these leathers and a new rubber outsole should give these many more years of life.