• Nike Air Jordan 1 1986 Original Prototype Chicago Bulls Suit


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    Crazy rare 1985-86 suit made in the old Nike innovation kitchen. There aren't many of these suits out there as I've only seen a handful floating around over the years,, and none would have been sold with the Bulls logo on it as Nike didn't have NBA rights at that time. The idea for Nike was to have their athletes be seen with this shiny nylon so the designer borrowed this set from the McEnroe line and had this sampled up. The Bulls patch was stitched on before the liner as proof that it was made simultaneously when the Wings patch was sewn on, and not just glued on afterwards. Made for all star weekend 1986 which MJ sat out due to injury. Fits a modern day 6'6" build. I'm 6'4" and it's a little long for me in the sleeves and legs.